Big news here at Estevan Lacrosse! We are officially changing all of our team names to the ​Estevan VOLTZ! From Mini-Tykes to Midget we will all be uniting under one team name!

We recently held a contest asking our Estevan Lacrosse family to create a new logo with our new team name! The Winners were selected by our Executive. Thank you to everyone who entered! The new logo will be featured on our new clothing line as well as new jerseys in the coming years!

Estevan  Minor Box Lacrosse

The Game

Box Lacrosse is played on a standard sized arena floor and features 6 players (goaltender and five runners) of an 18-20 player team on the floor at one time.

The strategy of Lacrosse is similar to that of basketball, with all five runners involved in the offense and the defense. Added to the appeal are the speed and excitement created by a 30 second shot clock. The combination of action and reaction makes Box as much fun to play as it is to watch.

Box Lacrosse is played almost exclusively in Canada, with annual National Championships occurring at seven levels. 
There are currently over 47,000 Box players in Canada. Both males and females play this version of Lacrosse and the ages of competition range from 6-65 years.

About Us

Estevan Minor Box Lacrosse is made up of a group of amazing volunteers. They put in countless hours to ensure the continued growth and success of our Association.
  1. All Abilities Welcome
    Anyone can play Box Lacrosse as the game requires and rewards co-ordination and agility, not brawn. Games are played with or without contact depending on the age division of the players
  2. Boys & Girls
    Both males and females currently play box lacrosse in Saskatchewan. The age divisions are similar to hockey with kids allowed to play from as young as three years old into their adulthood.
  3. The New League
    Estevan Lacrosse has been integral in the creation of the South Sask Lacrosse League. This change has secured competitive home and away league games for our teams and is huge step for growing our association.